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Vitrine (Panasonic 2019)

Transparent OLED TV by Daniel Rybakken and Panasonic Design for Panasonic, premiered during Salone del Mobile 2019 at Vitra. 


(Photo by Studio Daniel Rybakken, 2019)

For the past two years, Panasonic has collaborated with the

internationally renowned furniture company Vitra and the

Scandinavian designer Daniel Rybakken – sharing ideas and

insights on how to deploy new technologies in order to build

inspirational environments.

As a result, at this year’s Salone del Mobile, we present the

transparent OLED design concept ‘Vitrine’. Designed by

Daniel Rybakken and Panasonic Design Kyoto and named after the

glass showcase typology, Vitrine is a part of glass presented

in a wooden frame that can transform from something ambient to

something vivid, from something meant to be seen into something

that is meant to be watched. It blends naturally into any

contemporary living space. The moment the device is switched on,

it transforms into a vivid OLED TV.

The design sources materials of wood, metal and glass with no

physical front or back, allowing it to be placed freely and

seamlessly in any space.

“As a screen it no longer dictates its placement nor its role

in the living space. The dominating large black surface is

instead transformed into something that can highlight what's

behind, what's displayed or nothing at all." Daniel Rybakken

Presented at Vitra at Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Hall 20, booth B07/C12


Images 1-27 by Studio Daniel Rybakken.

Images 26-27 by Luceplan.

Image 28 by Johanna Kallin.

Drawings 9 and 29 by Daniel Rybakken.

A big thank you to everyone involved in these projects at Panasonic and Luceplan. A special thanks to Michael Shadovitz at Panasonic Design, Kyoto

and Maximilian Marchesani at Luceplan R&D, Milano.







Fienile (Luceplan 2019)

Table, suspension and outdoor lights designed by

Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan, premiered during Euroluce 2019. 












26. (Fienile Outdoor)

27. (Fienile Suspension)


(Photo by Studio Daniel Rybakken, 2019)

The name Fienile (Italian for barn/hayloft) is a reference to

“Rybakken”, the farm in Norway where the grandfather of

Daniel grew up.


Fienile is designed as a table light. With its low pitched,

large overhang gable roof, side pillars and central wall, it

has a clear architectural reference.


“Most table lamps are round or have an equal length and width,

but instead of being centred around a vertical axis Fienile has

a distinct direction. It is symmetrical around its length,

having two ends and two dominant sides or “façades”.

These façades become softly illuminated stages that give the

opportunity to present and highlight other objects. By placing

objects within, or leaning against the lamp a composition of

light and shadows, textures, colours and materials is created.


The roof and walls are made in satin-anodised aluminium with

the roof extruded as one single massive part, followed by a

CNC-milling process. The gliders are made of cork and follow

the footprint of the base. Touch-dimmable warm LEDs are placed

in two strips, running the length of the lamp, giving a soft

and diffuse light both down to the surface beneath and onto

the central wall and side pillars.” Daniel Rybakken

The Fienile family consists of two sizes of indoor table lights

and two outdoor floor lights. The roof of Fienile also becomes 

a suspension lamp delivering a strong but non-glaring

homogeneous surface light. It is freely rotatable providing

both up or downlight. Four lamps are connectable in a row

using a single power supply, while maintaining their 

individual rotation.

(extruded anodized aluminium in light pink, green, gray and

prosecco, dimmable LED)

Presented at Luceplan Showroom: Corso Monforte 7 and at

Salone del Mobile, Euroluce: Hall 13, booth B15/B19

(Rybakken will be present at the booth on the 9th from 11:00 to 15:00)






10. Vitrine at Vitra during Salone del Mobile 2019:


12. Vitrine at IFA, Berlin 2019: