Subconscious Effect 
of Daylight
(prototype 2008)

‘Don’t look at the table, look at the shadow on the floor beneath it. Norwegian designer Rybakken’s Subconscious Effect of Daylight table gives the illusion daylight is coming into a room by projecting light and the pattern of a shadow onto the floor (the beam comes from a projector under the table). By far the cleverest piece we saw at Salone Satellite, the fairground’s young designers showcase, it opens up dark, claustrophobic spaces by giving the impression there is bright daylight streaming in.’ —Anna Bates, Icon Magazine (UK) nr.60, June 2008.

Subconscious Effect of Daylight was awarded the Forum AID Award in February 2009.


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(Press images by Daniel Rybakken)
Subconsious Effect of Daylight, Copyright © 2008 Daniel Rybakken
Subconsious Effect of Daylight, Copyright © 2008 Daniel Rybakken

subconscious effect of daylight, copyright © 2008 daniel rybakken

(under:) When you have daylight in a room you get information of something outside. 
This creates a feeling of an expanded perceived space. A sensation of freedom.
(under:) ...When daylight is removed, you now longer get this positive sensation. The room feels smaller, you feel enclosed and alone.