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Daniel Rybakken

Milan 2012

Installation at Spazio

Rossana Orlandi.

Installation and launch with 

Luceplan, via Procaccini 18.


Spazio Rossana Orlandi:


Ricochet light, Daniel Rybakken 2012 (photography by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken)




Coherence light, Daniel Rybakken 2012 (photography by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken)



Single Flower Vase, Daniel Rybakken 2012 (photography by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken)




Counterbalance light by Luceplan, Daniel Rybakken 2012 (photography by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken)




Spazio Rossana Orlandi:

Ricochet light and Coherence light is conceptual projects researching light and the reflection of light. They continues the experimentation of Colour light (2010-2011) and Light Tray (2011-2012) as the exploded concept of a lamp, formed not only of multiple components, but by multiple objects too. At the same time the Ricochet light is inspired by the shift of the direction of light explored by the Right Angle Mirror (2011). The Coherence light on the other hand talks about light being another object you place on the table. Next to cutlery and dishes, you also set the table with the light source. This light source illuminates the massive dome suspended above, diffusing and softly reflecting the light back to the table. (Both lights with 10W LED light source).

The Single Flower Vase is conceived with the idea of simplifying the vase from something esthetic on its own, down to a simple plate; shifting the focus over

to the flower. A thin support structure is added

for support.

Luceplan Temporary Design Gallery:

Counterbalance light was presented in 2011 and will this year be launched by Luceplan Spa. The idea of a wall-mounted, counterbalanced lamp is made possible here through the use of cogwheels. Force is effectively reflected, allowing both counterweight and lamp to occupy the same space. The lamp's components also become two-dimensional graphic elements in a dynamic installation; counterweight and gears form stark circles intersected by lines of tubing. (14,5W LED light source with 800 lumen)

Cocktail with Luceplan at via Procaccini 18 at the 19th of April from 19:00.


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Born in 1984, Daniel Rybakken grew up in Oslo, Norway. He studied design at the Oslo School of Architecture and the School of Arts & Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden. On graduating with a Master of Fine Arts in 2008 he started his own practise with base in Gothenburg and Oslo.  

Rybakken has received numerous awards, including the 'Best of the Best' Red Dot Award in Singapore in 2007; the Anders Jahre's Cultural Prize for Young Artists in Oslo in 2008; the Design Report Award for best designer at Salone Satellite in Milan in 2009 and the Bruno Mathsson Award in 2011.

The work of Daniel Rybakken occupies the area between art and design, forming limited editions, art installations and prototypes for serial production. His main focus has been to work with daylight and how to artificially recreate its subconscious effect.

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Counterbalance, presented at the Luceplan showroom in Milan.